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The Berardino family has been established in the Building and Real Estate business for over 100 years.

Today it seems like businesses can claim just about anything and not be questioned.  It has become an old custom for businesses to total up all the years of experience of all the people who work in the business and present that number as credentials. 

When Berardino Realtors state "over 100 years", they actually mean that over 100 years ago, in 1891, Jay Berardino's great-grandfather, Arthur C. Bradley, had already established himself as a prominent builder with AC Bradley Construction. Many of the fabulous turn-of-the century homes in Meriden are his work.  The Bradley Home and Breecher Funeral Home were also built with his efforts. 

Arthur's sons, Ernest (Bub) and Clarence, continued the tradition of building and Real Estate. When Bub's daughter Shirley, who was quite active in the family Real Estate business, married John DiBerardino the family tradition expanded to include DiBerardino & Son Construction Company.

Shirley's new Father-In-Law, Giacomo DiBerardino, was an established builder throughout Hartford and Rocky Hill.  The Veterans Hospital in Rocky Hill as well as many highways, sewer systems and bridges from Virginia to Massachusetts are listed among his accomplishments.  Shirley's Mother-In-Law, Dominica, was a business woman in her own right, owning and operating one of the first grocery chains in the state, The Red and White Grocery in Rocky Hill.

The name DiBerardino was simplified to Berardino and John and Shirley Berardino made their home in Meriden.  As the family grew to include Jay and his siblings, property management and Real Estate stayed as the family business. 

So what was the professional choice for Jay Berardino? Would he take a completely new direction as so many young men do or would he fall lockstep into the family tradition?

Actually, he did both.  Jay graduated from the University of Connecticut Real Estate School and then moved to Hawaii of all places! Halfway around the world, but with the blood line of a builder, he became involved in building The Bank of Hawaii and The University of Hawaii's Fruit Fly Research Center.  Apparently you can take the boy out of the family business, but you can't get the hammer out of his hand!

By 1974 Jay was back home, establishing Berardino Real Estate in Meriden and putting his own expertise, experience and family tradition to work for businesses and home seekers in the heart of Connecticut.

An explorer by nature, Jay remembers discovering Durham as a young man and was instantly impressed by the charm and convenience of it.  With it's rural character, central location and easy proximity to cities, Durham represents a very nice combination of features. 

Jay, his wife Elizabeth Gara, and their son Jimmy now call Durham home.  Elizabeth is an attorney specializing in government relations and political consulting and Jimmy is a student in Regional District 13.

Jay's business on Main Street has been enhanced by his adult sons, Jon and Jason.  They represent the fifth generation in the family real estate business. 

"Our company is fully committed to energizing and perpetuating the family tradition of outstanding service.  That means offering products and services that work to meet our customers needs.  We really listen to what our clients want and then use their direction to tailor the perfect services fit." states Jay Berardino

There is a truly special sense of family pride in this business, as Jason Berardino says, "My father is the epitome of the family tradition of service."

That's probably why so many property owners have chosen to do business with this family generation after generation. 

Arthur C. Bradley

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